make me choose: N’s smile or Hongbin’s smile

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Smiling angels
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kim wonshik ( inspired by )

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make me choose: VIXX Girls or Wonshik Shidae

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leo photoset.

requested by narasae 
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VIXX | Hyde | Ken N | BW edit

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make me choosehongbin without glasses or with glasses (cr. x x x)

     ↳asked by playsonexotic

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Random VIXX TV moments→ Ravi and Hongbin being flawless.
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make me choose: NHyuk or HyukBin

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make me choose: Hakyeon-ah or N-Hyung

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8-something hours later I am blind again but I painted N ;3;

Please do NOT repost or edit in any way.


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Make me choose: Hyde or Voodoo Doll Era
ask by 

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I close my eyes as I paint you in my mind

Extremely VIXX biased.
Crazy for Leo and Ken.

Please don't repost my gifs.